No to O
Please join us in helping us to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and its symptoms and to help and encourage women diagnosed with this relentless cancer to have better life quality.


What is Flock the Yard?

This is our annual fundraiser. Adopt a teal flamingo for $20; support No to O.
No to O is a non profit 501(c) (3) humanitarian organization dedicated to promoting awareness of ovarian cancer and its symptoms and providing support through local cancer services for women diagnosed with this disease.
Each  ” adopted”  flamingo will be placed in the front yard of the Broyhill Historic Events Center in Clemmons, NC with your name (or business name) on it.

Please note: The actual plastic flamingo will continue to live with No to O for use in future fundraisers ( we no longer have a source for these birds! ). Help keep the flock going.

Come be a part of Flock the Yard 2014 beginning in early March and culminating in our celebratory party on April 11, 2014.

The first annual No to O Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday,  April 12 at Tanglewood  Park in Clemmons, NC. Info on this fun event is listed below.

Flock the Yard

Why not adopt a teal Flamingo now – Click below and adopt!

LINK to Adopt!