Jean Ebert

July 19, 1943 – October 19, 2014

Founders message:

“My name is Jean Ebert and I have ovarian cancer. It’s been quite a ride since the diagnosis in December of 2008 with many rough patches but many happy and joyous times as well.  It has been very exhausting living in the state of suspension one experiences while dealing with cancer and its treatment and I needed to escape that feeling of living in a vacuum.  No to O popped into my mind.

The rate of survival for those with advanced stages of ovarian cancer has changed very little in 35 years.  There seem to be many promising research projects, Dr. Bae Jump’s among them, in progress and ideas that need exploring in order to help find answers to the mysteries and a cure for ovarian cancer.  More funding is needed.

The symbol for No to O came to my mind as I had been feeling that we who are involved with ovarian cancer needed a strong visual sign that was recognizable and unique to us.”

– Jean Ebert


Jean passed away on Sunday, October 19, 2014 after a six year fight with ovarian cancer. She passed peacefully and in no pain with her husband and children by her side. She leaves behind with everyone she met a lasting impression of grace and humor. To her grandchildren she was a high kicking,head standing, hula hooping, storytelling, soccer playing Grandma! —

During her cancer journey her positive attitude and youthful optimism connected her to a good friend and co-founder Charlotte Ruth (who died in 2012). Together they started the non-profit “No to O” (No to Ovarian Cancer) The mission of No to O is to raise money for ovarian cancer research and to promote awareness of this difficult to detect lethal disease. She adopted teal (ovarian cancer color) flamingos as the symbol for this charity. Successful fund raising efforts have been conducted since 2013, flocking the yard of the Historic Broyhill in Clemmons with teal flamingos. Volunteers carry on No to O’s efforts.