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 We Have Remained Steadfast In our Mission

            Since our beginning in 2013, we at No to O have kept our focus on the individual ovarian cancer patient and her needs for guidance, experience, and hope. It is from trying to understand the individual woman’s needs on which Jean Ebert and Charlotte Ruth based our mission statement, and it is from this perspective that we are inspired to meeNO TO O 40k Check to Journal copyt these goals.

            Though we are still a young organization, every year we have given funding to Cancer Services in Winston Salem, 1 in 9 in Raleigh, and Wind River Retreats in Tryon to assist and support women with this disease. We hope to not only give more to these valuable services, but to broaden our reach of these services. We have helped establish and support a nurse navigator to assist women with gynecological cancers at Wake Forest Baptist Health. To support research, we’ve given funds to Ovarian Research Fund Alliance and Wake Forest Baptist Health for gynecological research. Awareness of the obstacles of detecting and treating this disease are extremely important to us because we believe it can save lives. In addition to our own efforts at raising awareness at public events, social media, and our fundraisers, we have given funding to Teal Diva Run and Athena’s Run.

            Since 2013, No to O has donated approximately $200,000 in support of our mission.

  • $55,000 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance
  • $80,000 to Wake Forest Baptist Health to help establish a nurse navigator for gynecologic cancers
  • $15,000 to 1 in 9 in Raleigh that administers grants to ovarian cancer patients referred to them by the Lineberger Cancer Center in Chapel Hill, NC
  • $16,000 to Cancer Services in Winston-Salem
  • $7,500 to Wind River Retreats in Tryon, NC
  • $1,500 to Cornucopia in Durham, NC
  • Smaller grants to support Athena’s Run Teal Diva in Charlotte and individual appeals requested by a specific organization.

            We want to do more. We want to grow and broaden the reach of our awareness campaign, extend our aide to cancer services that assist ovarian cancer patients, and help fund more research in hopes of great gains in detecting and curing this relentless disease.